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    Clymore Mold Remediation

    Clymore Mold - Atlanta's Premier Mold Remediation Specialists

    Clymore Mold is your go-to choice for professional mold remediation services in Atlanta, GA. Our experienced and certified technicians utilize industry-leading equipment and techniques to ensure the successful removal of mold from your property, creating a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. Trust Clymore Mold to provide efficient, effective, and reliable mold remediation solutions.

    Why Clymore Mold is Atlanta’s Top Choice for Mold Remediation


    Certified and Experienced Professionals:

    Our mold remediation specialists are IICRC certified and undergo regular training to stay updated on the latest industry standards and best practices.

    Comprehensive Property Assessment:

    We perform an in-depth inspection of your property to identify the extent and source of mold growth, allowing for a tailored remediation plan.

    Cutting-Edge Equipment:

    Clymore Mold employs state-of-the-art equipment, including HEPA air scrubbers, negative air pressure machines, and moisture meters to ensure thorough and efficient mold remediation.

    Eco-Friendly Solutions:

    Our commitment to the environment extends to our choice of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents used during the remediation process.

    Full-Service Restoration:

    We handle all aspects of mold remediation, including repair and restoration of damaged areas, ensuring your property is returned to its pre-mold condition.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

    We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results and won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with our work.

    Clymore Mold’s Comprehensive Remediation Process


    Step 1: Free Consultation and Inspection

    Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our mold remediation experts will inspect your property, identify the extent of mold growth, and provide a detailed remediation plan.

    Step 2: Containment and Air Filtration

    We establish containment barriers to prevent mold spores from spreading and utilize HEPA air scrubbers to purify the air within the affected area.

    Step 3: Mold Removal and Cleaning

    Our team carefully removes all visible mold growth using industry-leading techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Affected surfaces and belongings are cleaned and sanitized to ensure a healthy living environment.

    Step 4: Moisture Control and Dehumidification

    We address the underlying moisture issues that led to mold growth by drying and dehumidifying affected areas, preventing future mold issues.

    Step 5: Repair and Restoration

    Our team of professionals will repair and restore any damaged building materials and surfaces, returning your property to its original condition.

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    Don’t let mold compromise your health or the value of your property. Contact Clymore Mold, Atlanta’s leading mold remediation specialists, for a free consultation and let us help you reclaim your home.

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